Matrimonial Valuations

In the event that mediation and discussion have broken down and the only way forward between two parties is a separation or divorce. There is often a need for a valuation to be prepared for each party.

Sometimes the provision of a professional valuation carried out under RICS recommendations can be all that is necessary for two parties to agree how finances should be split. Often one party will wish to retain the property whilst the other will wish it to be sold and thus there are three valuations effectively one that each party believe to be the case and one that an independent professional valuer will consider appropriate.

Divorce Valuations

However, these things are seldom concluded amicably and often lead to matrimonial disputes in the courts. We therefore, undertake on behalf of the court (i.e., neither party) valuations prepared in accordance with the Civil Procedures Rules. This document is provided to both parties as well as the court, in order is to bring about a conclusion to what has not been achieved prior to going to court.

In the event that this matter can be resolved without court procedures we will provide a valuation report which will be fairly brief in content providing details of locality, constructions, type, accommodation, services and tenure details. The report will conclude with the valuation figure which will be based upon comparable evidence obtained by research utilising our own extensive database, land registry web site as well as discussions with local estate agents.

For court procedure the report will be more detailed and will expand upon the headings indicated above and will be carried out taking in to consideration any directive from the court judge and in accordance with Civil Procedure Rules.

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