Probate Valuations

Following the death of a relative someone has the unfortunate task of establishing the value of the deceased estate.This is a distressing time and often the executors in a will, are also grieving for their lost one.

A probate valuation needs to be carried out and can often be delayed as the date of the valuation will always be referred to as the date of death. Therefore, once you have come to terms with the situation this sensitive matter can progress.

Probate Valuation Service in Kent,London and Surrey

We will happily undertake a valuation for you for probate purposes and calculate the appropriate figure as of the date the death occurred. The valuation, we will provide, will be on the RICS basis and should be all that is necessary for your solicitor in relation to any property formerly belonging to the deceased. Please call us when it suits you and we shall endeavour to make our inspection at your convenience.

The valuation report is fairly brief in its content, providing details in respect of locality, construction, type, accommodation, services, and tenure details. The report will conclude with a valuation figure which will be based upon comparable evidence obtained by research utilising our own extensive database, land registry web site as well as discussions with local estate agents.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with the team here at Bernard Pett Surveying with any questions you may have and a member of out team will be more than happy to help. So call us today on 0800 025 71 25.

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