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RICS Homebuyer Service / Home Buyer Reports in Kent, Surrey and South London

The Homebuyers Report is an easy to read, colour coded report in a set format which describes all the major elements of the property, gives each element a colour coded condition rating, and advice about what to do regarding the defect noted. The Report also contains an opinion of value, a valuation figure and an insurance reinstatement valuation.

Furthermore, in addition to highlighting defects to the property, the Homebuyers Report also highlights major risks to the building, e.g. dampness, timber defects, the possible threat to the building by the presence of trees and shrubs, etc. It also highlights risks to people such as if there is visual evidence of asbestos, lack of safety glazing, lack of test certificates to service installations such as electricity and gas.

The Homebuyers Report is suitable for properties that were built after 1900 and that have been well maintained. It is the most suitable report for a flat or maisonette.

  • The Description of the RICS Homebuyer Service and terms and conditions are available here.
  • An example of a Homebuyers Report (undertaken on a flat) can be read here.

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