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Party Wall Surveyor

Have you received a Party Wall Notice or perhaps is someone building next door without the courtesy of contact you? If this is the case then please call us to discuss what you should do next. Please note we only act for the adjoining owners.

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 puts in place steps to safeguard the rights of those undertaking certain types of building work and the rights of their adjoining neighbours. The Party Wall Act works to protect the owner undertaking the works through the party wall surveyors, by ensuring that the work is lawful, whilst also protecting their neighbours rights in the event of damage occurring.

The Party Wall Act defines and affirms the rights of a person, referred to as Building Owner, wishing to cut into a party wall or to excavate new foundations within 3 metres of an adjoining structure. The neighbour that either shared ownership of the party wall or are within 3 metres of the new extension is referred to as Adjoining Owner. Both parties may appoint a party wall surveyor if the building work is subject to the Party Wall Act.

Party Wall Act 1996

For hundreds of years, similar acts have been in force in the London area. The key effect of the Party Wall etc Act 1996 has been to extend these rights outside of the London region and now affects all properties in England and Wales. Any Building Owner wishing to undertake works subject to the Party Wall Act must follow the correct procedures as laid by the Party Wall etc Act 1996.

We have experience of party wall matters, with Lester George being a member of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club, which holds regular meetings for party wall surveyors to discuss party wall matters and generally get information and advice on different aspects of the Party Wall etc Act.

If you want to seek advice about the Act or wish to find out if the works you are proposing to undertake fall within the Party Wall Act, or would like to appoint us as your party wall surveyor, then please give us a call for a friendly and informal discussion on your own particular circumstances.

I would stress that this practice does not undertake Party Wall Notices nor Awards on behalf of the building owner. We will happily act for any adjoining owner who feels that his party wall is being affected or if his neighbour is undertaking excavations within 3 metres of your adjoining property. This procedure has been carried out for many years in the London area and is now been enforced for properties in England and Wales for nearly 20 years.

The correct procedures are often ignored by building owners who do not wish to incur fees for their own surveyor let alone that of an adjoining owners surveyor. However, you will be best protected by appointing your own surveyor as soon as any notice is received and if one is not received you should contact a surveyor, preferably us, at your earliest convenience.

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