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Residential Property Valuations; Probate and Matrimonial Valuations in Kent

We undertake residential property valuations for many purposes:

  • For sale purposes some vendors like to have a professional valuation of their property before placing it on the market.
  • For purchases some buyers are in the fortunate position of not requiring a mortgage and therefore instruct a valuer to provide a valuation of the property to ensure the correct price is being paid.
  • Probate we realise that obtaining valuations for probate can be a distressing time for the relatives concerned, but we are experienced in these situations and handle the matter sensitively.
  • Matrimonial Valuations - for matrimonial (divorce) purposes is, again, a sensitive issue, but we have acted as joint expert witness/valuers in many of cases of this nature.
  • Staircasing leaseholders who own part of a property along with a housing association may require a valuation to enable them to either purchase a further share of the property, or to sell their share. Although we are on the panel of valuers for a number of housing associations in the South London and West Kent area, we are nevertheless independent of those associations.

A valuation report is fairly brief in its content, providing details in respect of locality, construction type, accommodation, services and a valuation figure. A requirement of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is that at least three comparables are obtained when producing a valuation. Comparable values are obtained through our extensive database, the Land Registry website and our many contacts within the local estate agents.

If you require a valuation for any other purpose than those listed, please do not hesitate to give us a ring on 020 8650 5799 / 020 8658 4010 to discuss your requirements.

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