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Assisted Purchasing and Staircasing

If you have purchased your property through a Help to Buy Schemes, you will find in a rising market that the sooner you pay back the amount borrowed from the Scheme, the sooner you will be in control of your finances.

The original acquisition will include a percentage which is not yours, and that percentage will increase in value as property prices improve. We will prepare a valuation on your behalf so that this may be presented to the authority who has assisted you with the purchase.


If you are a Housing Association owner where you have purchased a proportion of a Housing Association property, then you may wish to increase your ownership and staircase in an effort to acquire the eventual 100% ownership.

You may, on the other hand, be looking to dispose of your proportion of the Housing Association property due to change of circumstances, job relocation for example, and hence, you require a valuation to sell your proportion to a new incoming shared ownership purchaser.

The valuation report is fairly brief in its content, providing details in respect of the locality, construction, type, accommodation, services, and tenure details. The report will conclude with a valuation figure which will be based upon comparable evidence obtained by research utilizing our own extensive database, land registry website as well as discussions with local estate agents.

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